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Camaro Rumble Ramble

So I haven’t posted a rambling blog in a while.

Because nobody’s got time for that.

Even though I really enjoy writing them. And I know someone enjoys reading them.

Anyone? 😛

Life’s been a little crazy lately. Navigating the new business, managing day to day things, Justin becoming a pastor, becoming a pastor’s wife, helping with a church plant, working with awesome clients, figuring out our financial future (read this – saving for retirement!)…

And now, we have to buy a new (to us, at least) car.

Yep. I’m about to ramble about the loss of my husband’s beloved Camaro.


(A very pro, in-motion iPhone shot)

I’m not sure how we’ll get through this. And you think I’m kidding. This car is not a machine – it has a soul. His father bought it brand new in 1995 and it’s been in the family ever since. Justin’s driven it since he was 16. It’s been totaled, sideswiped, pranked, and repaired (a lot). It’s a part of one of his earliest memories. It’s also the car we went out on our first date in. It’s the car we drove around in when we were hunting for our first home. It’s the car we had our (very awkward) second kiss in.

Obviously not in that order. Rambling, remember? 😉


Anyway. This poor car. I’ve been the bad guy here – trying to get him to get rid of it for years. Ever since it was totaled back in 2009. But, I helped him salvage it anyway, finding mechanics to bring it back to life. We’ve put new tires on it, had the motors in the windows replaced, tried to manage damaged head gasket, put in a new stereo, had the passanger door replaced, put in a new catalytic converter…This could go on for quite some time.

Wanna know what totaled it?

A smog check.

No, seriously. If you’re reading this and do not live in California, you may not understand our frustration. Every vehicle in California must pass strict regulations in order to be re-registered as operational. And, if we lived in Nevada, just an hour away, we’d be smooth sailing. But, there’s a minor issue with the gas tank that keeps the Camaro from passing smog here in California. It wouldn’t be a big deal to fix, says our mechanic, but to get to the problem, well…it would cost about $500.

$500. That’s how much we’d get if we traded it in.

So, now that we put all this work into the car to get it in great shape, we can’t keep it. I guess it’s all worked out in a timely manor. We’re in need of a little more room anyway (read this – we’re not pregnant) – I’d love a compact SUV to fit our outdoorsy lifestyle. But, it sucks that it happened this way.

Justin-Camero copy


So, RIP you rumbling, white ‘Maro. I’ll miss hearing Justin come home from work in it. Hopefully we can find something worthy of you in the next chapter.

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