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Wedding Details

Oh weddings…beautiful, stressful, emotional things. So intimate and personal – a clear reflection of the couple and their relationship (If done well…in my opinion :)). There are caterers to hire, photographers to meet with, bakers to book. And then, there are the crazy people. Who decide to do it themselves.

So JBoat and I are a couple of those crazies. And we DIY’ed nearly our entire wedding. All the way down to the playlist of music played for dancing during the reception and the edits made to our wedding footage. No regrets, though…well, maybe one. I wish I’d had time to DIY my flowers (My mom was the voice of reason there)!

One of my favorite projects we tackled for the wedding was the printed materials. All of the printed materials were designed, printed, cut, embellished, etc by yours truly and the hubs. Check them out!


(Photos above were taken by Tori Wible of TW Photography)

(A few of the fonts we used include Lobster 2.0 {Which you can download for free}, Rockwell and Garage Gothic.)

Justin and my brother-in-law, Garrett (who is web-talented-beyond-belief) also created our website (well, mostly Garrett ;)).

Yes, we still have it up. Yes, it is outdated for sure. Yes, it will stay that way 🙂 I’m not ready change it/take it down just yet!

DIY Pretty Holiday Packaging Class

Tired of your average holiday wrapping paper and gift bags? Check out my dear friend Renee’s upcoming DIY holiday packaging class on SkillShare! Renee is a super talented designer who does a little bit of everything – even hand-made pinatas 🙂 Register for the class by Monday and you can watch it whenever you like. It also comes with a great selection of free printables and lots of inspiration.

Here’s a sneak peak of those printables:

For a much better explanation for the wonder you can expect from this class, check out its SkillShare profile here! And check out Renee’s website for more beautifulness.


Christmas List

I can’t believe it’s already December. And Christmas is only a few weeks away. The traffic is backing up within 5 miles of the mall, festive music’s on the radio, my office Christmas party has come and gone…and Broadacre Coffee is serving the best peppermint mocha in town. Sounds like it’s time to post a Christmas list!


1. A navy duffel coat – I like the length of duffle coats and the brown details, which make them easy to transition from casual to dressy. This one from Nordstrom’s Juniors’ department (B.P.) is my fav and the fur is detachable.

2. A pair of Big Star jeans – I used to love the Remy’s, but they only come in low rise now…Maybe the Alex mid rise skinnies in Olympia Dark. This company is also eco-friendly and the jeans are manufactured in California. It’s a win-win to me!

3. Troopa boots – During the wet winters in Northern California, I love to wear boots. I hike in them, work in them and wear Uggs around the house. These lace-up Troopa boots from Steve Madden are super cute, and the zipper on the side is really convenient.

4. A brass shower head – OK, this one may surprise you, but…we really need a new shower head. Our full bath’s best feature is a resurfaced claw foot tub with antique brass facet, surround and a white porcelain shower head. I can’t imagine ever replacing the tub, but the shower head dumps water on the showeree. Waste of water and coldness ensue. But, porcelain and/or brass shower heads are not easy to find. Overstock.com is wonderful though and they have a great selection of brass shower heads. I like this one!

5. Bamboo Roman shades – We’ve been wanting to replace the ummm…well-used metal blinds in our dining room for some time, but because we have so many windows, window coverings for our sunny bungalow have always been way out of our price range (21 windows in all)! Enter JC Penny with these affordable and multi-sized (we need a 59″, 47″ and two 35″) Roman shades that would offer a much-needed facelift to a room we have yet to make many changes to.

6. ALÄNG ceiling lamp (One 14in and one 18in) – Our home suffers from the plague of the boob-lights and broken ceiling fans. I kid you not. We’ve gotten rid of one boob light and two of the fans, but there are still several more that need replacing. This new ceiling light from Ikea would be great in our kitchen (where most of the lighting is recessed, but there is one boob light {why?!}) and the larger version would be perfect in the guest room (which is currently home to a broken ceiling fan).

Just a few ideas. Making it super easy for JBoat and my mother this year by posting my list on the world-wide web 😉


Festivous Facebooks

We decorate our homes for the holidays, right?

So why not our Facebooks? (I mean, we spend hours on them anyway ;))

^ My little sister. Isn’t she beautiful?

Here are a few cover photo options for you to use this Christmas!

Feel free to drag these to your desktop, then upload your favorite to your Facebook profile as your cover photo.



It’s been raining all week here. What better way to spend a rainy day than cozy inside looking at beautiful homes?

My friends, let me introduce you to Zillow.

I personally prefer the Zillow app to the website (www.zillow.com), but either will open up a world of house-viewing wonder, all from the comfort of your home. Or your favorite cafe. Or wherever you get your internet fix 🙂

Simply search for your city of choice and you can then narrow down the results by rentable properties, homes for sale, land for sale…

I love to look for homes along the California coast. Specifically Oakland, Berkley and Carmel because the houses are staged beautifully and typically photographed professionally. And, lots of them are renovated older homes, like my own. And, of course, because I’d love to live there.

Some of my favorites:

See more images here.


I love shingles. On homes, that is. And rooftops.

*All images were taken from Zillow Listings.

*Addresses not listed for privacy reasons.

*This isn’t a sponsored post.

Coach Blue

Coach Blue

If you read my first post, you know we got a puppy in September!

We’d been looking for a sheepdog to join our (very little) family, but we wanted a smaller one since we don’t have much of a (usable) yard. We seriously considered a Sheltie – Justin grew up with a red sable Sheltie and is a big fan of them. But we remembered we’d seen a small Australian Shepherd once in old Folsom. We aren’t usually the type of people to stop a dog owner in the street to ask (nag) about his dog, but we were curious, so we did. The owner told us he was a toy Australian Shepherd and he was only about 12 in tall at full size.

We reminisced about the cute little guy and did some research. Toy and miniature Australian Shepherds share the same great qualities as full-sized shepherds, but their smaller size makes it easier for suburbanites to own and care for them. Toys and miniatures are the result of breeding smaller Australian Shepherds. They are individually recognized breeds, but are still Australian Shepherds. It’s not like a  shepherd was bred with a smaller dog and the result was a toy/mini (Lots of people ask if he’s part chihuahua).

Anyway, we settled on a toy and we knew we wanted a male blue Merle – we also wanted to avoid a spay/neuter agreement, a practice that’s really popular with Californian breeders. It took a lot of searching to find what we were looking for, but we finally decided on a breeder. The puppy had to be flown out to us, which made me nervous – imagining my little guy in a kennel by himself, bumping around in the cargo area of a plane – but when we picked him up he was energetic and happy. Probably won’t have a puppy shipped to use ever again, though. It took almost an hour after his flight had landed for us to figure out where he was being held (The airport staff insisted he’d be at baggage claim).

We named him Coach Blue of the Merles because we’re super clever 😉 His call name is Coach. He’s got black markings under his eyes that reminded me of a football player… see where I’m going with this? The name worked out well, the breeder called him Colt, so Coach sounded similar enough that he picked up on it quickly. Coach is 5 months old now, his coat is starting to fill in and he’s lanky. I guess this stage is called the puppy uglies, but I think he’s a total cutie. He’s so smart – he needs consistent attention to keep him occupied. And he’s adorable. It’s hard to leave him at home all day. He’s great with kids (Which is good for us…someday in the future ;)) and isn’t shy of strangers. He has been barking at walls and windows lately, which freaks me out (I should stop watching the Paranormal Activity movies). And whenever we take him somewhere, we get stopped by every single person we see. “What kind of dog is that?” “He’s soooo cute?” “Aren’t you precious!” (Yes, most people speak directly to the dog). He’s totally stolen my heart though. And my socks (His favorite ‘toys’). Did I mention he’s adorable?


Jacque Boatman

My full name is Jacquelyn. I tend to go by Jacque (Pronounced ‘Jackie’).

This is my website.

More specifically, this is my first post!

Welcome! Feel free to browse the currently limited content (There’s more to come).

I’m married to Justin and I’ve taken his name (Boatman).

I usually call him JBoat (His twitter name)

Technically, we’re both JBoats, but he calls me J.

We live in a remodeled 1920s bungalow (Which we continue to remodel).

We have a miniature Australian Shepherd puppy named Coach.

He’s a blue merle and since we’re really clever, his full name is Coach Blue of the Merles.

But we just call him Coach.

I have a passion for design.

I have a need for organization.

My favorite color is sea green (Pantone 317-329, really).

Lavanderia is my besest type (It will be seen here often).

I work at a church.

I have a degree in Bible and Theology and another in Youth Ministry (I’m not sure how useful either is yet).

I minored in Psychology (Which is not very handy).

It seems one’s true education comes from life experience.

I’m sure that sounded corny, but I believe it.

I am convinced I will never willingly live outside of Northern California.

I love real coffee (More on that later).

I paint for fun.

San Francisco is my favorite city and Mendocino is my favorite village.

Someday, I’d like to travel in an Airstream.

I enjoy camping at State Parks.

California State Parks.

And I hope to see them all.


This will be a collection of odds and ends. Enjoy!

*Photos are mine unless noted otherwise!