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Hey there world. Long time no post. I thought I’d update you on what I’ve been up to!


I recently finished a logo project for an new branch of Courage Run.




Here are 3 of several options I created for a friend’s new nonprofit.


And some simple but fun invites to an engagement party we had at the house last month.


Some fun t-shirts for JBoat’s church campus.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 10.20.15 AM

And my latest project in the works – logos for another friend’s nonprofit. Delicious!

It’s Summertime Designtime

Finally! Breaking out some fun colors. Love love love.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 7.59.12 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 7.59.47 PM

Summertime’s around the corner and that means summer camps are kicking it up.

And the kid’s ministries are getting ready for business. Here’s some branding I just finished for Venture Church’s children’s ministry in Southern California. Again, sorry about the screenshot lameness πŸ˜‰

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 8.22.48 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 8.21.49 PM

You can see more on my Behance page, too πŸ™‚

And if it gets as hot here this summer as last summer, I’ll need one of these:

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 8.38.52 PMInflatable Pinwheel Pool – Urban Outfitters

What makes you summertime-happy?

Some Things to Share…

Where have I been, you may be wondering?


Wow, it’s been crazy. In a really great, this-is-so-awesome-I-can’t-even-be-stressed-kind-of-really-great, way. Let me show you πŸ™‚

Available on Etsy

New to my Etsy shop

Club45 Logo Sketchups

Logo sketchups for a children’s ministry (excuse my lame screenshot)

Love Month Concept

Concept for a college ministry series (featuring a photo by Kaitlin Jean Photography)


Talk about a media dump.

But I don’t have time to talk. Busy, busy, busy!

More Pictures of Ridiculousness Than Ever Before

bayside_s.l. (42 of 156)-X2


You may be wondering why all of these very festive, very cray pictures are included with this post today…

bayside_s.l. (38 of 156)-X2


“Are they dancing?”

“Some sort of interpretive movement convention?”

bayside_s.l. (37 of 156)-X2


bayside_s.l. (39 of 156)-X2


“Did that man just score some kind of touchdown?”

No, no, friends. He’s just really excited to singΒ The 12 Days of Christmas, with the aid of signs illustrated by yours truly.

Just thought I’d share πŸ™‚

Is it just me, or does the gymnasium seem to glow with tidings of comfort and joy? Man, this photographer was amazing!

Creative Process

Ok. I’ve been putting this off because I’m feeling a little drained lately and didn’t want to talk about work stuff.

Isn’t that sad? I love designing…but right now it just feels like work.

Anyway. Let’s jump in/I know I can do this πŸ™‚

When I hear from a client about an upcoming project, I try to jump on it right away. Mainly because I want to get my initial ideas down on art boards (aka digitized paper πŸ˜‰ ). Also, because I try to pace myself. Rushing is not always a good thing…though IΒ can get it done quick if I need to. I just don’t like to.

In other words – give designersΒ time – and pay them more if you’re cutting them short.

I usually browse Font Book to see if there’s anything I feel like using/I’ve been wanting to utilize first. If not, I research.

Aka, www.losttype.comΒ πŸ˜‰

And then, I come up with something.

I do not like to replicate things. So, if you’re looking to have a reproduction done, consider contacting a project manager. Not me πŸ˜› But I do look for inspiration when I’m starting something. Specifically trends to reinforce my ideas.

Ya know, so I know it’s hip.

On the last event I branded, I created the background first:

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 3.49.15 PM

(^Lame screenshot skills lead to weird black residue. Apologies.)

I knew I wanted to illustrate the background because the client I was working with hadn’t used an original illustration in a while (I would know…I’ve done this event for 4 years πŸ˜‰ ), create depth with gradients and do the whole snowflake thing because I could animate it in Motion, as mentioned in the previous post.

It just looks better on screen to me than your typical slide πŸ™‚

Honestly, Idk if it got used…oh well.

And I figured I wanted the color to be red, because the client hadn’t requested a specific color.

Yes, red is terrible in RGB design. Did I think about that? No. Because I was thinking about the mugs.

Let me explain. For the past 4 years, I’ve designed art for a coffee mug that’s given to the guests as a take home. So that’s my main focus. Make the mug look good, because that is what will survive πŸ˜‰

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 4.13.08 PM

So here are the options I came up with. I personally liked 4 and Β 6. It isn’t super easy to tell here, but 6 and 8 are a customized type I made using Tommaso. There’s a thin section of the center of each letter missing (let’s call it “reverse stroke”), you may notice. If you have good eyesight πŸ˜‰

It took forever. But, using Sullivan did not, so I guess it’s an ok trade-off.

They went between 5 and 8 and then eventually 8. I’m glad, because 5 was a little plain πŸ™‚

Here’s the final product in web-banner form:

cp2013 last hope2

(I promise, the “reverse stroke” is there)

Was I bummed they didn’t go with my suggested pick? No.

Because I did multiple options for them and was happy with each.

Here’s what I’ve found: Do what you think looks good. Then, add. And subtracted. Include all of these things as options for your client. They’re bound to pick something and like what they choose πŸ™‚

If you can, try to be happy with everything you send over to a client. That way, you’re not bothered by their selection.

This is harder to do if a client is telling youΒ exactly what they want and don’t want input. I would suggest at least doing the project your way and then to their instructions (whether you send both over or not). That way, you can use your version for your portfolio. And feel accomplished.

That’s a little view into my brain. This branding project took me about 8 hours after you include communication time and change-ups. Not too bad. If you want to see the mugs, tickets, etc – let me know and I’ll add them in πŸ™‚


So, tonight was the night a Christmas party I’ve been designing for and promoting Β since October actually happened. I created more for this party than any other I’ve done I think. We’re talking vector illustrations, customized type logo, signage, video, tickets, fliers, mugs, slides, Facebook banners, thumbnails, copy and content, etc, etc, etc…

Here’s a loop I created for the hosts to use on their screens:

I was thinking I’d do a post about my creative process and how it varies according to different situations.

Ya know, so you can understand my brain πŸ˜‰


I’m on Etsy!

Great news, guys and gals!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 10.19.38 AM

You can now check out my designs on Etsy!

My shop opened on November 14 and I’ll mainly be selling my designs in digital format for you can print and frame them at home for cheap.

Because art is seriously getting too expensive.

I had a ton of fun designing this house portrait in particular:

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 10.07.01 AM

And I’d love to do more. If you want a custom portrait of your space (home, apartment, college dorm…:) ), feel free to email me: jacqueboatman@me.com or message me on Etsy.

Big things, everyone. Big πŸ˜‰


Mind. Blown.


On the left there, in the orange, is one of the printable from the last post.

And it’s probably not a big deal. But the 68 reprints and 10 likes have me freaking out!!!

So I was really excited… πŸ˜€ thank you!

BTW, have you heard of LookMazing? No? Can’t wait to share!

To the Walls

Hey there!

Last post, I went into the deets about my home office. Now, I wanna talk about what I have up in my gallery wall.




From left to right:

A picture of my Compassion kid (Check out more on Compassion International here)

AΒ  California State Park Foundation SOS badge

My first free printableΒ πŸ™‚

My Tomales Bay printable

A San Francisco poster I found at a little shop in Sonora, Ca

A new printable!

A vintage map of Twain Harte I found in my grandad’s things

A poster from Anchor Steam in San Francisco

A poster from Rifle Paper Company

And another new printable!

It’s nothing fancy. Just some things I love put up with paper tap and thumbtacks. Feels a little more like home with some of these on the wall πŸ™‚

On to the printables!



fall2Each is a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald’sΒ The Great Gatsby about fall! They’re all designed to be 8.5in x 11in full size..but they’d be superΒ cute framed in a row πŸ™‚


The Look for Less

So. Let’s talk about furniture.

Why is it so freaking expensive!

Oh, come on. You know it is. 3 years ago, I could find a name brand couch on Craigslist for $300. Now, I’m lucky to find one for twice that much!

So I decided to make furniture shopping easier.

Here are some of my favorite accent tables on the market and their CHEAPER counterparts.

Ya, like the Look for Less.

Man, I really enjoyed that TV show back in the day πŸ˜‰



+ | + | + | + |Β + | + | + | +

Please enjoy – especially the cheaper, ummm, more frugal, options πŸ˜‰