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Doctor Who?

This week, we lost Dr. Cat











If you’re visiting the blog for the first time, let me give you a little background on the Doc.

Dr. Cat was a “stray” who showed up at our door the night I moved into our house. He was a really handsome -looking guy, very talkative, super friendly. And very determined to come inside. He’d paw at the door and meow until somebody’d give him some attention. But then, he’d refuse to come in unless bribed with food. But, he was altered and declawed, so I worried about him being out there on his own. He had to be someone’s cat, right?

He was a good-size cat, not too thin or anything, so we started asking around to see who was feeding him. Or who he belonged to. Our neighbor across the street wasn’t sure where he came from, but had been looking after him (aka Dr. Cat was stealing his kitty’s food). We decided to start taking over the responsibility of this sweet tomcat. We called him Lewis, ’cause he didn’t have a name as far as we knew.

This went on for a while, till some people down the street (who had a collection of dogs living in the front yard) stopped out front of our home and said he was a cat they’d brought down with them from Seattle. But he wasn’t their cat. Nope. He was a neighborhood cat. They’d just brought him here.


Ya. He’d been cat-napped. Poor guy.

At least we knew then that he’d been Dr. Cat to them, and at that point we were able to get him inside. We bathed him (he hated it) and put him on some flea meds (he was covered in them). He slept next to our bed and loved to jump on the kitchen counter. Well, any cool, hard surface, really. He drank out of the toilet. He kept himself perfectly clean. He made friends with everyone who visited us. He was an indoor/outdoor cat when we got Coach, but they did alright together.

He was an old cat. Not sure how old, but he was old. He mostly sat around the house and laid out in the sun. He started loosing weight pretty rapidly a year ago, so I changed his food and moved him back inside full time.

I started to worry about him when he had a few accidents inside and started getting restless at night. He started drinking twice as much as before and eating us out of house and home, but the weight kept coming off. He was suffering from hyperthyroidism – not uncommon in older cats. We knew time was probably running out and just wanted to keep him happy.

Dr. Cat always purred until the day he died. That’s what made me think it was time. He didn’t purr when we pet him or talked to him. But, he went peacefully and we were happy for that.

He was the perfect cat and we are so happy to have spent the last 4 years with him. RIP Doc, we miss you <3

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