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Fall is Coming

So if you’re a Song of Fire and Ice fan, you know the Starks have this thing about winter.

Well, I’ve got a thing for fall <3 Cozy clothes, awesome candles, thick blankets, delicious food...oh, and the usual falling leaves and pumpkins and stuff 😉 But, like I mentioned, fall foods are some of my favs. Pie and comfort foods and citrus...and I can use my oven again! Here are 2 recipes I've tried so far that I'm loving for fall: Tomato basil chicken – While summer’s tomatoes may be coming to a end, utilizing them for this recipe won’t disappoint! In fact, I can’t wait to make this again, butter and all 😉

Quinoa chicken chili – This is so hearty and delicious. I’d recommend using a packet of taco seasoning in place or the recommended spices – the quinoa seems to soak in and then somehow eliminate the kick originally provided by the red pepper flakes. This is cooked entirely in a crockpot 😮 and thickens up nicely overnight in the fridge. Top with cheese, Greek yogurt and avocado for something extra special!

Btw, I used Trader Joe’s frozen, all natural, nothing added, yada yada chicken tenders in place of chicken breasts in both recipes 🙂 works just fine, is cheaper and helps avoid protein overloading!

Another BTW – have you seen this going around online?


How rude. Seriously. Ladies, do our husbands (well, hopefully all our husbands) not help support our families? Carry much, if not all, of the financial responsibility? Mow the lawn, take care of the trash, deal with the car maintenance stuff? Handy-man tasks too complicated/taxing/dangerous for us fragile damsels?
Aka, everything we don’t want to do?
Sure, I won’t deny that my husband pretends to not know how to do the laundry 😛 but I also can’t deny how much he does for me every day.
Bottom line: a married couple is like a team – supporting, encouraging and sharpening one another. So let’s not disrespect our men by equating them with children. Let’s instead acknowledge all they do for us when we’re frustrated by the upright toilet seat again 😉

Much love.

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