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Griffith Quarry

We’ve been having great weather lately, so we took full advantage of a relatively warm Monday and went exploring at Griffith Quarry, a historical landmark and local park in Penryn. This quarry was opened in the 1800s and much of the granite extracted from it was used in the building of the State Capitol building. There a museum on site that once served as the quarry’s office, but it was closed. We picked one of the trailheads and started wandering on our own

We headed down this set of stairs and I just had to get a picture 🙂
So unusual.
And we followed a trail that lead us around the perimeter of the old quarry. It was so beautiful! Lot of green, even in the winter. I hope to go back again in the springtime, some buds were already visible on tree branches.

The views were amazing from the tops of the old excavation sites.



And then, there’s this guy 🙂

The quarry must be pretty deep and is now filled with water. The color of the algae growing there is a bright green.

Griffith Quarry is a dog friendly park, so we took Coach along. He had so much fun scampering around.





We had a great time. I would recommend it to anyone nearby! The museum is only open on Saturdays and Sundays, but it would be nice to go back on one of those days to get some more information about the old quarry.

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