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How to Fake a Clean Home

Every week, JBoat and I have people over.
Yes. Every week.
And when I say people, I mean el pueblo. The village. 35 people on average per week. You could say our home is everyone’s home 🙂
I love hosting. What I don’t love so much is cleaning. Most days, our home is very tidy. But when it comes time for the once a week thorough cleaning, we need at least 3 hours to take on the entire home. So, here are some tricks I use if time is running short.

1. Use a hand vacuum to clean hardwood floors and upholstery
If you don’t have time to sweep (and, like us, your full-sized vacuum kicks up dirt on hardwood), save some time by vacuuming in corners and near countertops, tables or furniture with a hand vac. I also use an upholstery attachment to vacuum pet hair off furniture before having people over!


2. Use a microfiber rag for dusting
Forget feather or Swiffer dusters. These products simply “remove” dust by spreading it. Then, it’ll settle elsewhere and your home will be as dusty as it was before you dusted! Serious waste of time. Microfiber cloths catch and hold dust in a quick swipe. Much better.


3. Clear out clutter
Cut your cleaning time way down by eliminating piles of mail, shoes, clothes, etc in advance. When the mail comes inside, I sort it right way and out Jboat’s in his desk. Our clothes go into hampers when dirty and away when clean. Dog toys get put away daily. Keys go on hooks in the kitchen. This means we have less scrambling to do before someone drops by!


4. Clean all surfaces before cleaning floors
I know it seems silly, but this will save time! Don’t end up repeating cleaning steps because there were crumbs on the table that spilled on your freshly cleaned floors. Clean table tops and counters, dust shelves and shake out rugs before vacuuming or sweeping. And, clean all glass, stone or laminate countertops and tables before moving onto another step. Cleaning by surface type instead of by room means you’ll save time by not having to change out cleaners several times (unless you keep a set of cleaning solutions in each room!).


5. Get your home smelling clean!
Again, this might seem frivolous, but get some fresh air in your home. Leave windows open in the mornings or afternoons to clear out any “musty” smells. Put a slice of lemon through your food processor. Throw any blankets in the dryer for a quick refresher. Light some candles or turn on a ceiling fan. Ah 🙂


What do you do to get ready for el pueblo in a hurry?

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