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Jacque Boatman

My full name is Jacquelyn. I tend to go by Jacque (Pronounced ‘Jackie’).

This is my website.

More specifically, this is my first post!

Welcome! Feel free to browse the currently limited content (There’s more to come).

I’m married to Justin and I’ve taken his name (Boatman).

I usually call him JBoat (His twitter name)

Technically, we’re both JBoats, but he calls me J.

We live in a remodeled 1920s bungalow (Which we continue to remodel).

We have a miniature Australian Shepherd puppy named Coach.

He’s a blue merle and since we’re really clever, his full name is Coach Blue of the Merles.

But we just call him Coach.

I have a passion for design.

I have a need for organization.

My favorite color is sea green (Pantone 317-329, really).

Lavanderia is my besest type (It will be seen here often).

I work at a church.

I have a degree in Bible and Theology and another in Youth Ministry (I’m not sure how useful either is yet).

I minored in Psychology (Which is not very handy).

It seems one’s true education comes from life experience.

I’m sure that sounded corny, but I believe it.

I am convinced I will never willingly live outside of Northern California.

I love real coffee (More on that later).

I paint for fun.

San Francisco is my favorite city and Mendocino is my favorite village.

Someday, I’d like to travel in an Airstream.

I enjoy camping at State Parks.

California State Parks.

And I hope to see them all.


This will be a collection of odds and ends. Enjoy!

*Photos are mine unless noted otherwise!

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