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My Office

I thought I’d give you a peek at what I’ve been working on around my home lately.

Since I work from home now…it seemed appropriate that I have an office set up there. It’s not a large room and I haven’t put a ton of money into it, but it’s my space to do whatever with. And it’s almost done!

Here’s a few pictures:



Blurry – darn! This is from the living room door, one of the two doors into the office. I just had to get the light fixture in there for you – isn’t it beautiful! Justin got it for me for my birthday a few years ago…I think…from Home Depot. I love the true brass finish on it! Not necessarily practical for lighting the entire room, but thats why:

1. I got a lamp πŸ™‚ from Target

2. I have a window behind my desk

I know it’s all the rage to have your desk face a window, but I’m claustrophobic. And it gives me a great excuse to eventually have some awesome window treatments πŸ™‚

I don’t care what people say, excuses can be pretty useful!

The color on the walls was from the Martha Steward collection, matched to Behr’s low-vac, low-sheen paint at Home Depot. The paint originally on the walls was so glossy and so on the yellow-end-of-beige that I couldn’t wait to get something else up there!

IMG_5284The view from behind the desk…I gotta get those wires under control (from the lamp and the monitor), but one thing at a time πŸ˜‰

The desk is obviously from Ikea – I had the birch desk and bookshelf (why?!), but we sold it on Craigslist and then bought this beauty-of-a-white-set for $25 out of pocket after our profit.

The bamboo white chair is a vintage Good Will find that I painted. It was only $7!

The lamp is no longer available at Target (similar). I waited and waited for it to go on clearance because I loved the scale, and the hollowness helps it seem like the lamp isn’t totally taking over my deskspace…even though it still kinda does πŸ˜‰ The thing is huge. The office-supplies-box/Riffle-Paper-wanna-be-box-of-awesome-stuff is also from Target (couldn’t find it online, but it could be in the clearance section of your local store), as are the little jar-thingy on the left and the paper tape (washi tape? whatever). ‘Cause I buy just about everything I own from Target.

The quail is from Β Scout LivingΒ and I’m in love with it.

True love comes from inanimate objects.

The adorable little box is from a DIY my friend Renee Hong did for the Knotty BrideΒ – our rings made a special appearance in the post (and my wedding dress in the following DIY post!) so I kept the loot.

The framed lyrics are from the Oh Hello’s loveliness “Like the Dawn” (I cried like a baby when I first listened to it…I think it’s about Adam and Eve). Let me know if I should post it as a printable here!

And that monitor…let’s face it, graphic designers have an issue with back and neck pains. From staring at a 15in. display. All. Day. Long! So my husband grabbed that for me. It’s not retina compatible or anything (I’m so high maintenance), but it really comes in handy when working in multiple programs.

So! What’s left to do?

1. Window treatment. I’m thinking something like this or this or this

2. Hang up some more shesh and add storage to the closet.

3. Replacing the hardwood. We’ll do that when we re-floor the living room and continue said flooring into the office πŸ™‚

Next I’ll post about what I’ve got up on the walls and a few free fall printables! See you then.

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