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New Things for Spring

Picked up some new things for the home 🙂

These chevron pillows from Target. They’re now on sale for $17!

These curtains were on sale at World Market. They aren’t as long as the packaging claimed (which may be why they were on sale ;)), so curtain rod needed to rest just above the sliding glass door in order for the curtains to touch the carpet. With the help of some handy hardware from the Home Depot, JBoat made it work!

Installed the Alang ceiling lamp from Ikea in place of the boob light that was in the kitchen. It gives off a nice glow:


Some flowers 🙂 and the quail are making an appearance for spring!
We also took away the fireplace mantel. I’m trying to figure out how to make it into a floating shelf by removing the base and installing the mantel on some wall brackets. The JB remains!

Also – planted a garden, pruned the hydrangea bushes in the front of the house and lit a Poolside candle from Bath an Body Works 🙂 smells like summer…and sunscreen. Yes. Sunscreen 🙂

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