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Steamy Cleaning

Oh ya. You read that right.

I got a steamer thingy.

You know, one of these guys:


This thing is amazing. I can use it on granite, grout, my stove, wrinkled clothes, baseboards, glass, so on and so forth forever and ever.

And it cuts through nasty messes I’ve never been able to get through before.

For instance: my stove. It’s great, don’t get me wrong. Cooking with gas is nice. Not life-changing for me, because I’ve always thought of a gas stove as a camping accessory (#firstworldproblems). But it’s great. And seriously difficult to clean.

My parents own a Molly Maid and I cannot tell you how much I desperately look forward to one of their teams coming over and cleaning, just so the stove will be presentable. It’s that bad. It’s nasty. And this gem here ^ got right through the nasty.

No, I don’t have a before pic. Because I’m lame. And embarrassed. But, I have an action shot!


So, you basically just fill the thing with water (I use tap, but be forewarned that you will have to “unclog” the machine at some point because of mineral buildup), wait for the red indicator light to go out, and steam away. There’s a ton of attachments, too, that come in handy for different uses.

My fav’s the cloth-steaming attachment. Bye-bye, iron!

picstitchAnyway. Justin got me this for Christmas (dangerous business, buying home-things for Christmas presents…but this is so awesome that it’s totally a win for him 😉 ) on amazon.com and I recommend it. I can’t wait to clean the grout between our floor tiles! Woohoo!

The things I get excited about now…I’m so domesticated.

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