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I saw this prompt on Facebook today (yes, I am Facebook friends with my college English professor 😉 )…


My response:

“I don’t know my story yet.”

I don’t. I mean, I haven’t made many permanent decisions in my short life.

I’m a boneified born-again Christian.

And I obviously got married.


Hubba hubba.

But, I don’t have children (yikes), I never got around to getting a tattoo. I can’t even think of more unchangeable decisions I could make right now…

So, my point is, I don’t know how this story’s going to go.

I don’t know what’s coming up next.

And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I actually think it’s pretty exciting. Things have turned out really, really well so far and I’m looking forward to whatever is next.

Not that life is never challenging. I’m one of those sensitive, over-analytical types. To me, most things are complicated. But my life continues to surprise me in ways I never could have planned myself.

Again, it’s not that it’s necessarily bad to have a plan for the future. As long as you’re flexible 😉

Think about it this way. The world around us is constantly changing. The opportunities available to our generation are unbelievable. We can work from multiple settings instead of just in an office or workspace. We can receive a world class education anywhere WiFi is available. We have smartphones, which act as personal assistants and help us organize our lives. And, we can even see movies in 48fps (frames per second) ;).

So, how could we truly comprehend the possibilities available to us?

I just saw the movie “Her”. Do I recommend it? Not particularly, It’s kinda weird and uncomfortable and you just know it can’t end well, ’cause this guy falls in love with his OS (operating system).


Ya. Weird and uncomfortable.

But it made me wonder. Is that coming? Not that that makes me feel excited for the future. That actually makes me worried. But I can’t even begin to understand where our world is headed!

If you’d asked me 6 years ago what I thought I’d be doing with my life, what I’m doing now would not have been my answer.

Graphic design and content creation? What did that even mean 6 years ago?

So I guess my bottom line here is: It’s ok to not know your story.

Have you ever heard how a movie ends and not wanted to see it anymore?

Btw – that happened to me recently – someone told me how this season of “The Walking Dead” ended. And now, I can’t bring myself to watch the rest of it. Be careful with your spoilers, people! 🙁

Knowledge is power, right? Right.

So, instead of freaking out about some subplot of your story that isn’t going the way you hoped (love-life, work, school, money, friends…), think about this – the best is the stuff that hasn’t happened yet.

And it isn’t always fun to know how things will end up. Talk about spoilers.

And like the OS, Samantha, said in tonight’s movie, “The past is just a story we tell ourselves.”

But we are living our present and have hope for the future.

Chins up.

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