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Do you like the Lumineers?

Wait. Rephrase.

Who doesn’t like the Lumineers!

The extreme popularity of the band’s single, “Ho, Hey” (and, in my opinion, an awesome performance on Saturday Night Live 🙂 ) helped propel the Lumineers into mainstream music. And I’m so glad – their self-titled album is my current fave. I listen to it on the way to work, while I’m running errands, while I’m making dinner…my Spotify membership is showing it’s true value!

When I listen to the Lumineers, I can’t help but picture designs inspired by their lyrics. Here’s one for you 🙂 As always, it’s free to download! Simply click on the image below to print the full size (8 in x 5in). And yes, I added a word. “In”. It was just starting to bother me that there was no “in”. So I added it.

But it’s free. So no hard feelings, right? 😉

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