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It’s been raining all week here. What better way to spend a rainy day than cozy inside looking at beautiful homes?

My friends, let me introduce you to Zillow.

I personally prefer the Zillow app to the website (www.zillow.com), but either will open up a world of house-viewing wonder, all from the comfort of your home. Or your favorite cafe. Or wherever you get your internet fix 🙂

Simply search for your city of choice and you can then narrow down the results by rentable properties, homes for sale, land for sale…

I love to look for homes along the California coast. Specifically Oakland, Berkley and Carmel because the houses are staged beautifully and typically photographed professionally. And, lots of them are renovated older homes, like my own. And, of course, because I’d love to live there.

Some of my favorites:

See more images here.


I love shingles. On homes, that is. And rooftops.

*All images were taken from Zillow Listings.

*Addresses not listed for privacy reasons.

*This isn’t a sponsored post.