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The Mess that is Currently My Home

So…it’s been interesting around here for the past week or two.

Wanna see what’s up?


That is on the other side of my front door. And to the right:


Mainly the contents of the guest room. And I was just starting to feel good about how it was looking…isn’t that how this whole decorating thing works? 😉 If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been working on it for a while. Here’s a little example:



I had repainted the furniture and figured out which color to use on the walls (Indulgent Mocha from Behr’s my go to neutral). Then, I ordered roller shades (the same one that are in the dining room [period appropriate, they protect the hardwood by keeping all the light out and they’re cheap!) from JCPenny.

But the stuff really hit the fan when we had some people over for dinner and were showing them around. You know, giving them the tour 😉 One of our friends suggested pulling up a corner of the carpet to see if the hardwood in the entryway and dining room continued into the other rooms original to the home.

So we did. And it does!



Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled. I hate carpet. I love hardwood. But. The problem with the hardwood in the guest room…is it’s painted. Brown with nice white speckles all the way around. And, I don’t know when it was painted or with what exactly…which makes me nervous. Please, please don’t be toxic…


Now. I know it can be fixed. But that’s expensive and we can’t make it happen right away. So what would’ve possessed me to pull up the carpet?

Glad you asked – I didn’t! This was JBoat’s doing 😉 A little late-night hang out with a friend and suddenly, all the furniture’s out and the carpet’s up and the room’s kinda-painted.

Yay, paint!

So, I’m looking at the bright side. This means I can get an estimate from some local guys who would be up to the task of refinishing all this hardwood. It also means the light fixture we got for Christmas last year has been installed. The ceiling’s been painted (Swiss Coffee) and the walls are almost done. It means the carpet is gone. And we didn’t even have to take it to the dump – a friend wanted to repurpose it!

I’m hoping to get as much of the brown paint (and all the white stuff) off the floor as possible. Then, I’ll use Murphy’s Oil Soap to get it really clean. Maybe get a rug or something…it’s a great excuse for a new rug. I like this one best:



Nate Berkus Diamond Jute Area Rug

And, I painted and rehung the door – I’ll post a tutorial. True progress, guys.


Sorry for the shabby iPhone photos.

So, this could be a win-win situation. I guess we’ll see how things play out!



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