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What’s Up With the Pup?

I have a dog, right?

I think I remember him…from many posts ago.

This cute guy:

2013-03-30 17.24.22

Yes, Coach is still around. I’ve gone quiet about him for a while. Look how he’s grown! Remember when he had the puppy uglys?

Neither do I!

OMG. They grow up so fast.

So here’s the update:

He’s 8 months, approximately 12 lbs.

His coat is finally coming in!

He eats a whole lot of food for a 12 lb dog. Especially if there’s duck in it 🙂

He sits, plays fetch and takes a leash. But he’s not a super trick-savy pup.

He’s very stubborn. See note above ^

He loves to snuggle. And bark.

He has a blast at the dog park, but is very timid around other dogs. Not many good experiences with them in his past!

He’s my fav!

I would highly recommend the Australian Shepherd breed. Especially the smaller classes. If you don’t have room for a full-sized Aussie to run around, that is.

Or maybe I’m just biased 😉

Seriously, though. He’s loyal, energetic, smiling constantly, playful…and the older he gets the more he knows when to chill.

You read that right. He relaxes with us!

Woohoo! He’s so grown up!

So, have I sold you on the purchase of your own? 🙂

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